Newtown massacre coverage


Ray Corbo, first assistant fire chief at Newtown Hook & Ladder, described the scene of the shooting:

A third-grader talked about escaping from Sandy Hook Elementary:

As shots rang out, a second-grade teacher read to her students:


A father is lost for words after his son escapes:

Court records show the Lanzas were comfortable financially:

Six days later, scenes around Newtown:


I broke the news that ATF revoked the federal firearms license of the gun store that sold the massacre weapon

I obtained ATF 4473s showing Nancy Lanza’s gun buys. The man who sold the massacre weapon twice sold ammo to a felon:

The owner of the gun store raided by ATF agents in the days after massacre, pleaded guilty to unrelated violations:

The seller of the massacre weapon also pleaded guilty. Both men were spared jail time.

On the first anniversary of the shooting, I wrote a four-part series showing that people in town were still hurting:

Here’s one of my stories being discussed on C-SPAN:

Want to learn more about the gun store that sold the massacre weapon? Here’s a link to the records on the ATF website, which includes one of my articles:




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