Sex offender moves back next door to victim

Mario Caruso

Sex offender Mario Caruso

I exposed how a judge permitted convicted sex offender Mario Caruso to move back next door to one of the girls he sexually assaulted. Putnam County District Attorney Adam Levy’s office didn’t object to the move, arguing that it was easier to supervise Caruso at a fixed address. My article prompted the state Senate to pass legislation to toughen residency restrictions on sex offenders.

Here’s the original story:

Caruso blamed the victim for her injuries:

State Sen. Greg Ball, R-Patterson and Assemblyman Edward Braunstein, D-Bayside, introduced a bill that would make it a felony for high-risk sex offenders to live within 1,500 feet of their victims:

My article is referenced in the text of the bill:

The state Senate voted 55-2 to pass the legislation:

An appellate court dismissed a lawsuit Caruso filed against Putnam County sheriff’s deputies alleging they leaked confidential information in his case:


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