Putnam D.A. candidate interfered in DWI prosecution of fiancee’, memo says



I recovered a document that says Putnam Valley Supervisor Bob Tendy, who is running for Putnam County District Attorney, interfered in the prosecution of his fiancee’s DWI case six years ago. My latest Freedom of Information request. Here’s the story:



WCC cancels 2015-16 basketball seasons



Westchester Community College has canceled its 2015-16 men’s and women’s basketball seasons in the wake of my investigation into transcript fraud at the college. It’s the second consecutive men’s season to be canceled. The coach is also out.


Video: White cops pull guns on black parole officers



I obtained videos showing white Ramapo cops pulling guns on black state parole officers and detaining them. The parole officers are alleging racial profiling and have a federal lawsuit pending. I had to file a Freedom of Information appeal to get these videos.

Here’s the story:


Other coverage and discussion on this story:











Star Woodlands High School basketball player booted from school district


A star Woodlands High School girls basketball player has been forced to leave the school district after my investigation, along with reporter Mike Zacchio, revealed she doesn’t live in the district, as required by law. Here’s the story:


York College men’s basketball program faces compliance probe


Omar St. John

I confirmed the York College men’s basketball program is under investigation for academic eligibility and other compliance issues. This was after I asked whether star player Omar St. John played while academically ineligible.┬áThe college has since acknowledged it is reviewing St. John’s academic records. This comes months after I uncovered the Westchester Community College men’s basketball transcript fraud scandal.

Here’s the story:


The school admitted St. John played in a game, just a day after being ruled ineligible:



Woman required to prosecute own sex attacker at Stony Brook University, she says

Sarah Tubbs/ Photo by Joe Larese/LoHud.com

Sarah Tubbs/ Photo by Joe Larese/LoHud.com

I recently interviewed Sarah Tubbs, who told me Stony Brook University required her to prosecute her own sex attacker at a student disciplinary hearing. That meant she had to prepare the case, question and be questioned by him. Tubbs has a federal Title IX lawsuit pending. Here’s the story:


My article prompted Assemblywoman Amy Paulin to speak out against Stony Brook’s practice and share her own experience being a victim:


Here are links to stories by other outlets following up:







My interview on the radio about the Lacey Spears case

Lacey Spears

Lacey Spears

I was interviewed Wednesday on RTE Radio in Ireland about the Lacey Spears trial. Spears of Chestnut Ridge, New York was convicted Monday of second-degree murder in the salt poisoning death of her 5-year-old son Garnett. You can listen here at the one-hour mark:


Here’s my story, along with reporter Hoa Nguyen, on the Spears conviction:


The investigation into the 2012 Carmel house fire that left four dead



On May 1, 2012, a fire swept through the Sullivan family’s house in Carmel, New York killing four family members. A fifth escaped unharmed. The fire was ruled an accident, but questions remain about what was found during the investigation.┬áThe sheriff’s office charged roughly $2,000 for a heavily redacted transcript of the interrogation of the lone survivor. Roughly 100 pages of the 223-page transcript were partially or fully redacted. A retired FBI agent said the survivor was treated as a suspect during the questioning.


Here’s the story:


Here’s another story on records I pulled in this case:



The case of Lawrence Bottone, a.k.a. “Dr. Hunter.”



Lawrence Bottone

He showed up at malls and college campuses posing as a college professor, telling men that they were being recruited to work for an intelligence agency. “Dr. Hunter” swore them to secrecy and tortured them, acting out his sadomasochistic fantasies. And he had done it before.

Even in my heart, I used to say to myself he could kill me now and nobody will know


One of his victims talks to me on video about being tortured:


No one gets prosecuted when developmentally disabled people are killed during restraints

Rasheen Rose

Rasheen Rose

I exposed that no one is being prosecuted after developmentally disabled people are being killed during restraints at group homes and state-operated residential facilities. For the most part, these cases never make it to a grand jury. Where is the outrage?


Weeks after my article was published, N.Y. Assemblyman David Weprin announced plans to introduce legislation mandating these facilities notify next of kin within 24 hours of injuries or deaths and requiring that surveillance cameras be installed. “Rasheen’s death was an avoidable tragedy; one that shed light on the changes that must be made,” he said at a news conference. “As an elected official, I am outraged that such negligence and incompetence took the life of an innocent young man.”

Here’s video of the news conference:


Weprin talking to Geraldo Rivera about his plans:


More on the Rose case: